DvL: almost over

Elrion and I reached Ziost with our DvL characters yesterday. SoR was a fun expansion that, in retrospect, provided the best experience overall in my opinion. The story is well-paced, interesting and doesn’t degrade your character to a side-kick; the NPCs were fun, we got side-quests, repeatables, flashpoints, operations…

Must-have screenshot.

But it is also the expansion that introduced a lot of solo story phases. Back when it launched this cost me the company of my then-gaming partner. He just couldn’t stand the fact that we wouldn’t see our characters side-by-side anymore. Can’t blame him. It sucked pretty bad. Still does.

That was their last cutscene together. Ayy misses her Chiss babe. </3

Thus, Ziost pretty much concludes Elrion’s and my adventure together. The flashpoint-list is already ticked off completely (thank. the. stars.) and all that’s left after that is solo content. Alas. It was an honour to stop you from killing too many people, my friend.

So few things are left on the Eternal Level to do list: KOTFE, the EC, 5 alerts, etc. Inun’s imperial counterpart (a vengeance juggernaut I’m enjoying immensely at the moment) is coming along nicely too. How did time fly by so fast yet again?

Oh, right: double xp.

Gosh, I love vengeance.

I’m looking forward to seeing how they will present the new companion. Which will be Ranos (let’s be real here). Which I don’t mind at all. Gimme dat Chiss Jedi. Preferably with a bit of interesting story attached, pretty please.


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