Legion baby

I did it. On September 4th I registered a battle.net account – almost a decade after watching my then-boyfriend play WoW for the first time. Let’s just say… it wasn’t the best first impression (which had much more to do with him than the game itself) and the colourful art style didn’t help either. Games that tell dark stories on one hand but don’t take themselves seriously on the other were never my cup of tea. I had the same problem with WildStar, for example.

Turns out time does heal some wounds, and Blizzard’s presence at Gamescom this year sped up the process significantly. I couldn’t help but longingly stare at the players who were taking photos with their characters in front of the green screen at the Legion Café. So I finally caved, and it was a good decision.

A stranger who first greeted me in passing and then stopped by to keep me company for a while. Just because.

I love just how oldschool WoW is; it reminds me of my first steps in WAR and later in LOTRO. Pure nostalgia. Especially the dated character creator made me chuckle; it might be pretty restrictive, but let’s be honest here – less options also means less headaches and a lot of time saved. I saved even more time because I’m hopelessly in love with one class, and one class only – the druid. A genuine, nature-themed shapeshifter that lets you play something decidedly non-humanoid checks so many boxes for me that pretty much everything else pales in comparison. (Not having to worry about looks is a nice bonus.)

I am but a humble child before you.

The only problem I had was that the faction that appealed more to me (Horde) couldn’t offer me a druid race that I liked. Since this whole affair was already very far out of my comfort zone in general, I decided to stick with something familiar and created a Nelf druid called Nimfinnel on Argent Dawn EU. (I’ve been wanting to use that name since my LOTRO days and never found the right character to go with it. Until now, that is.) That’s something I can work with design-wise, given my limited knowledge of the lore. Worgen would have been another option (wolves hint hint), but I’m not sold on the whole werewolf-curse thing yet.

You can imagine how awed I was when I finally found out what I was actually standing atop.

So, there you have it. One of many Legion babies.

My account is still in ‘trial’ mode obviously, and right now I’m not sure whether that will change anytime soon. It does provide much needed escapism; I neither know shit about the game nor its community, so my brain doesn’t inevitably concoct a mental to-do-list as soon as I log in (which is super relaxing for a change). I just… do stuff. Like in the good ol’ times.
But I don’t need a sub for that. And I’m still unsure whether I can stomach the cartoonish vibes, or the frickin’ region lock for that matter. I wasn’t aware that I’d be stuck with the EU cluster when I set up the account. Oh well.

Anyways, my battletag is ethu#21984. You are welcome to add me. You know, just in case.


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sally e. goldfinch

Level 24 biologist. Has a weakness for non-humans, beer and voices lower than a 100 Hertz.

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