Twi’lek Tuesday: Contact

Nar Shaddaa knows neither night nor day. Locked into a frenzied fever of colourful lights that cast long enough shadows for the lowlives to thrive in, it is the breeding burrow of people who are just as multilayered as the Smuggler’s Moon itself.

Ayy was standing in front of the entrance to her favourite cantina, or “parallel world” as she liked to jokingly call it. Her absent-minded gaze was fixated on the walls that encompassed the place, a myriad brilliant speckles dancing frantically across the dark surface.

The Twi’lek felt fidgety. She shifted her weight and massaged the knuckles of her fingers, growing increasingly uneasy as the minutes slogged along, but the person she was waiting for didn’t show up. The uneasy feeling intensified as she was jolted out of her contemplations, realizing that a stranger was standing in front of her. For how long had he been there already?

“Nar Shaddaa is beautiful at this time of the day, isn’t it?” the tall Chiss in front of her casually remarked with a grin. Ayy scanned the newcomer with the habitual scrutiny of a soldier, immediately recognizing the burn scars on his hand as traces of a flamethrower. His built suggested that he was accustomed to wearing heavy armor. The handsome face didn’t escape her either.

“Absolutely” Ayy lied. What an awful moment for you to show up, honey she thought by herself. He surely would have made for a competent distraction. You know, the kind of distraction you get in the back rooms of the shit hole behind her, provided the right amount of credits finds its way into the hands of the right people.

But she had business to do with the contact that was still nowhere to be seen, and soon if she wanted to keep her cool. It was almost unbearably difficult for her to not start shaking at that point, and she feared that her facial expression would betray her problem. But he had spotted her stained fingertips already. 

“Looking to… spice up your evening?” he asked and grinned even wider. Ayy loosened up immediately. Now we’re talking she thought. I’ll even forgive you the bad pun for being such a pretty boy.

“You can help me with that?”

“Oh, definitely.”

Happy Twi’lek Tuesday! I miss seeing Ayy and Nero in cutscenes together. His player sadly doesn’t like SWTOR anymore, but I still care a lot about this character. (To no one’s surprise, since I came up with Nero’s whole concept.)

I planned to limit myself to 100-150 words for these story scraps, but, uh… you see how that works. (It doesn’t.)

And now say hi to my party guests:

Do you like this collage and want to contribute? This is how this works:

  • You take a screenshot (or many!) of your Twi’lek that you find worth sharing.
  • I don’t take screenshots without permission, so if you want to have yours included in one of my posts you either have to link it to me on Twitter or leave a comment here. I don’t bite, promise! :) Just holler!
  • If you send me more than one screenshot I’ll spread those out over the following Tuesdays, one at a time.
  • In case you’re on my “ongoing-permission list” and I have more than one screenshot from you, I’ll give preference to pics you post on the Tuesday in question and save the rest for later.
  • I don’t care about how many different characters you have, I just won’t post the same screenshot twice.
  • I will edit screenshots with poor lighting or UI elements and (try to) crop them to fit a 16:9 format.
  • I will credit you in the caption of your screenshot.

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