Twi’lek Tuesday: Fate by chance

Vuren watched as the transporter touched down on the landing platform with an overtly pleased look on his face. He even skipped his early morning meditation to welcome the fresh batch of younglings to their new home. What better sight to see on a cool morning like that?

The children seemingly hailed from all over the known galaxy: Nautolans, Chagrians, Twi’lek, Bith, Humans, Mirialans. They slowly walked past him towards the temple; some cautious, some curious, but most of them marveling at the stately appearance of the building ahead of them. Vuren gave them the warmest smile he could manage.

Following the trek of newcomers back to the ship with his gaze, Vuren noticed a small figure in front of the ramp. The child was facing the ground, hands clamped around the seam of her simple shirt. Vuren slowly turned around and headed over to the ship.
The little girl looked up to him with a mixture of anger and caution on her face. Petrified she stared into the Twi’leks eyes. Mirialan, he thought by himself, casually glancing over the few geometrical shapes adorning her green skin.

“Welcome to Tython, my little friend. My name is Vuren.”

Contrary to his expectations, the girl’s expression changed into something more… stubborn. Then he noticed that she was looking at his own tattoos – geometrical patterns, not unlike the ones she probably was familiar with.

“Do you like my markings?”

She narrowed her eyes. “You’re no Mirialan.”

Vuren chuckled softly and nodded. “You’re right, I’m not. But I know your people.” He kneeled down, tilted his head and smiled. “What’s you name?”

The young Mirialan hesitated. “Lonlou.”

“Alright, Lonlou. Please follow me to the temple so I can show you to your room.”

Happy Twi’lek Tuesday everyone! I had this little story thing of Vuren and @ScrapperNimitz’ Lonlou meeting for the first time on my tablet and thought why not post it today. :) He’s the mostly relaxed knight taking the energetic and rebellious Lonlou under his wing. That’s what I imagine them to be at least.

Also, say hi to my esteemed party guests:

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  • I will credit you in the caption of your screenshot.

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