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Server: The Red Eclipse
Name Ayy Amersu
Class(es) Mercenary
Discipline(s) Arsenal | Bodyguard
Gunnery | Combat Medic
Race Twi’lek
Sex Female
Purpose PvP | PvE | RP
Alignment Neutral
Main Crew Skill Cybertech
Preferred …
Weapon(s) B-200 Pulse-Wave Needler
E-52 Galactic Shrieker
AD-13 Heavy Blaster
RH-33 Assault Cannon
Mount(s) Hyrotii Scrapper
Lhosan Torch
MSM J-37 Jetpack
Companion(s) Aric Jorgan
Gault Rennow
Title(s) The Professional
For Hire
The Wealthy
Cartel Security
Death Mark in Seven Systems
Wanted: Dead or Alive
Playing With Fire
Bunker Buster
First Responder
Physical Backup Unit
Pet(s) n/a


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“Your life doesn’t matter until you make it matter.”

“Listen, if I learned one thing in all these years, it’s this: good and evil are relative, but credits, credits are absolute.”

“Freedom. Freedom and somewhere to belong. That’s all I ever wanted, but nothing I ever deserved it seems.”

Read about how I treat canon story arcs here.
Current as of 18 ATC.

Loud. Blunt. Honest. Snarky. Out-going. Flirtatious. Promiscuous. Opportunistic. Materialistic. Rebellious. Apolitical. Faithless. Junkie. Craves attention. 

Often unreliable and disorganized privately, but takes her jobs seriously. More guts than brains. Vacillating between fierce loyalty towards friends and even contractees, and rampant egocentrism. 

Seeks a sense of belonging; doesn't take loneliness well. Torn between sense of righteousness fostered during her time in the army and the urge to behave recklessly just because she can. Harbours a burning hatred for slavers. 

More business contacts than confidants. Dislikes hurting innocents, but has no qualms taking down “bad guys” (this includes people who annoy her in some substantial way). Will do most things she disagrees with for the right amount of credits, aided by a lack of empathy. 

Likes parties, illegal swoop races, participating in Huttball matches (preferably on Quesh), tinkering, work-outs and audionovels. Awful singer but passable dancer. Uses Rylothean colloquialisms picked up while under the care of her foster mother. Gets a kick out of mocking Force-users.
Name Ayya’mersu
Meaning ayy = star (twil.); amersu = solid (twil.)
AKA Ayy (Amersu)
Species Twi’lek (tolian)
Gender Female (cis)
Birthday August 2nd, 14 BTC
Sexual Orientation Straight
Force Sensitivity None
Personality True Neutral
Height (cm) 1,82
Weight (kg) ca. 80
Skin Colour Burnt umber (#8A3324)
Eye Colour Sapphire Blue (#0067A5)
Scars Burn scars (entire right side of body)
Body Modifications Black patterns (head, lekku)
Stylized burning star (back)
Mythosaur (right upper arm)
Blue markings (hands, lower back, hips)
Cybernetics (right lekku, right arm, right leg)
Voice F0 = 190 Hz with fry
Physique Athletic
Laterality Left-handed
Parents Lyn’freykaa (mother)
Unknown father
Siblings Xiann Cthen
Spouse Cthen’ernero’nuruodo
Children n/a
Contacts Felanay Mondegreen
Maiyrah Blackthorne
Rylo Farbite
Neira Nardell
Crey Terrel
Homeworld Nar Shaddaa
Current Residence Taris
Education Military Academy (Coruscant, 3 years)
– focus on advanced assault tactics & weaponry
– combat medic basics
Occupation Soldier (former)
Bounty hunter, mercenary (current)
Affiliation Republican army (former)
Mandalorians (current)
Spoken Languages Basic
Comprehension only:
Minnisiat, Cheunh, Sy Bisti
Ship Name Spitfire
Outfits TBD
Apartment TBD
"Theme" : Cute Shadows - Coyote Kisses


14 BTC
 Birth (Yavin 4)
 Arrival on Nar Shaddaa
 Transfer to Jag Farrow (owner of the Rainbow Shots cantina)
 (Foster mother: Vashna Amersu, co-owner)
2 BTC - 2 ATC
 Waitress at the Rainbow Shots cantina
 Escape from Nar Shaddaa
 Arrival on Coruscant
 Enlistment in Republican army
2 ATC - 4 ATC
4 ATC - 13 ATC
13 ATC
 Bombing of outpost on Hoth
 Association with Cthen'ernero'nuruodo
 Recovery from injuries sustained from bombing
 Drop out of army
 Change to bounty hunter/mercenary
14 ATC
 Return to Nar Shaddaa
 Elimination of Jag Farrow
 Liberation of befriended slaves
17 ATC
 Affiliation with unknown Mandalorian clan
 Study of the Resol'nare
 Marriage (Cthen'ernero'nuruodo)
18 ATC - present
 Clan life/duties

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