A first impression of KOTET, spoiler-free.

Oh dear. I try to keep the review posts at a minimum, mostly because they are rather time consuming to write, but also because that’s not really what I created this blog for in the first place. Still, I can’t resist the urge to spill my feelings about KOTET somewhere – and they are good ones.

The conclusion of this story arc was a truly epic one. BioWare delivered what they said they would deliver, and after my two day binge I couldn’t be happier about it. Not only because I was moved by the events; the updated graphics and facial expressions played a big role for me, and I feel like everything is more fast-paced and/or engaging as well: we finally learn more about the truly important parts in this story, the level design is more varied and sometimes requires different things than just cleaving in mechanical skulls… it just keeps you busy in a good way. It pains me to say this, but delaying more companion action was the right decision. It would have diluted this wonderfully tense expansion just as it interrupted the flow of KOTFE. First time I read codex entries the second they pop up, actually.

I wonder if the dialogue options have more variation between classes now, but I’ll have to take my two other post-SoR characters through KOTET to confirm this. Which leads me to the most important thing KOTET has done for me: I finally want to progress my two mains through the main story again. Casting Ayy and Serene aside because they didn’t “fit” felt awful, but the way KOTET plays out (or might have played out differently!) intrigued me so much that just have to see the darker paths of it too. Ayy, Serene and Inun make a good trio actually: one neutral, one dark, and one light.

I won’t comment on the general changes implemented with 5.0, because there’s really nothing to add to the chorus anymore. Maybe just this: repeatable chapters are life, RNG gearing in PvP isn’t. I also still stand by my statement that I appreciate SWTOR carving out its own niche rather than joining the ranks of the Warcraft carbon-copies out there.

My biggest wish for the next update is to return the focus to the companions after they rightfully had to be side-lined. I recently set out to collect every alert recruit with Ayy, mainly because I want to see if they have any influence at all on the dialogues or scenes. (Except for Skadge. Fuck this guy, tenfold.) Probably not, but a girl can dream. Classic convos aside, it has been a very enjoyable ride so far. Getting the chance to interact with them again makes me happy, especially the bits that feel a bit different depending on what your background is. But it did make me wonder if there’s a point in racking up such a huge number of recruits beyond reclaiming what was taken from us – that’s why I’d like to see them getting more time in the limelight when the Alliance inevitably clashes with the other big players of this galaxy.


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