Twi’lek Tuesday: Remember

“What are you thinking about?”

Ayy didn’t answer right away. She was absently gazing into the crowd milling about the cantina. Everything was as it has always been: booze, bloody noses, insults and cheers. It was equal parts reassuring and depressing.

“The past.”

A provocative snort made her wheel around.

“The past? That doesn’t sound like you at all.”

Nero quickly ducked a fist flying from her direction. Both laughed.

“Remember the guy we blew up in the Rainbow Shots?”

He observed the brandy swirling around in his glass and nodded knowingly.

“Vividly, actually.”

Nero watched with narrowing eyes as Ayy leaned forward and propped her elbows up on the counter. She seemed almost fidgety. The memory clearly wasn’t among her fonder ones, and as much as he enjoyed teasing her sometimes, seeing her sullen like that in their favourite cantina wasn’t much to his liking.

“He’s the reason I never got myself a pair of eyebrows tattooed.”

She shrugged, as if to emphasize her inner conflict. Nero raised a brow in confusion.

“Seriously? Didn’t you tell me you just hated the thought?”

“I do! But… I don’t know. He made the other girls do it to make them more… appealing… to their customers, and then went on to bash me with it. How I’ll never be as pretty as them because he’d never pay for me. Human scum, I swear to the Mother. Should I be thankful now, or what? Nah.”

She flicked an insect off the counter. Nero sighed.

“One more reason it’s a good thing he ended up being a smear on the ground, then.”

The remark elicited a smirk to light up her face, and both raised their glasses.


Welcome to another Twi’lek Tuesday post everyone! Since I’m not sure I can do lengthy posts like that on a regular basis once I moved in with my colleagues at the research station in January, I’m going to especially savor the potentially last posts of this kind. I’m sure I will sorely miss the regular practice, especially if it motivates me to write about characters that are so dear to me like these two are.

And now say hi to my party people 🎉

Do you like this collage and want to contribute? This is how it works:

  • You take a screenshot (or many!) of your Twi’lek that you find worth sharing.
  • I don’t take screenshots without permission, so if you want to have yours included in one of my posts you either have to link it to me on Twitter or leave a comment here. I don’t bite, promise!
  • If you send me more than one screenshot I’ll spread those out over the following Tuesdays, one at a time.
  • I have an ongoing-permissions list for people whose screenshots I can take without asking first. Tell me if you want to be on it.
  • I don’t care about how many different characters you have, I just won’t post the same screenshot twice.
  • I will edit screenshots with poor lighting or UI elements and (try to) crop them to fit a 16:9 format and credit you in the caption.

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