A storm turned inside out.

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Server: The Red Eclipse
Name Serene Whiteclaw
Class(es) Sith Assassin
Sith Juggernaut
Jedi Shadow
Discipline(s) Darkness
Kinetic Combat
Race Twi’lek
Sex Female
Purpose PvP | RP
Alignment Dark V
Main Crew Skill Biochem
Preferred …
Weapon(s) Truthseeker
Trimantium Electrostaff
Mount(s) Woodland Varactyl
Companion(s) Khem Val
Eckard Lokin
Title(s) The Beastmaster
Fallen Knight
The Loathsome
The Master Artisan
The Ever-Watchful
Follower of the Old Ways
Datacron Master
Aegis of Ziost
Grave Robber
Pet(s) Interrogation Droid


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“Blazing light will blind you just as much as total darkness does.”

“My goal? What a curious question. I have an inquisitive mind. Knowledge is it’s own reward.”

“My feelings are masked, not surpressed. Do not mistake me for a Jedi.”

Read about how I treat canon story arcs here.

Current as of 18 ATC.

Intelligent. Inquisitive. Hard-headed. Merciless. Proud. Creative. Asocial. Attentive. Two-faced. Manipulative. Secretly passionate. Manic. Vain. Perceptive. Condescending. Cunning. Patient. Prospective. Highly organized bordering on compulsion. Purposefully blissfully ignorant at times. Deceivingly polite and strikes without warning.

Aims to conceal as much of herself as possible: barely talks, no sweeping gestures and movement, no revealing clothing. Uses an alias to stay in touch with her researcher colleagues. Prefers the company of animals and droids to other "sentient" organics. The fact that she literally sees the world differently than most of her conspecifics sometimes shows in her language and actions. Barely ever leaves her hide-out undisguised. 

Likes scientific illustrations, technology, artifacts. Insatiable thirst for knowledge, especially concerning the connection between the Force and living beings (and by extension Sith alchemy, healing, etc.). Draws and writes to wind down. Meditation and force training are also important.

Consumed by the Dark Side after trying to walk the grey line, but eventually failing miserably. Fosters some emotional bonds specifically for the purpose of being able to tap into them whenever she needs to strengthen her connection to the Dark Side.

Terribly scared of losing all progress to the long time she spent failing; frantically searching for a way to continue her quest beyond her natural expiration date. Heavily reliant on cybernetics to offset the spreading Dark Side corruption. Recently there's been a sinking feeling of regret.

(Think Bane, Plagueis, even Valkorion - that sort of megalomania, just a lot less successful. She's not based on them, but reading their stories definitely cemented the base I had whipped up earlier.)
Birth Name Lyn’freykaa
Meaning lyn = snow (twil.); freykaa = beloved (twil.)
AKA Lyn Freykaa | Lyn Frey Kaa
Serene Whiteclaw
Species Twi’lek (rutian)
Gender Female (cis)
Birthday December 14th, 48 BTC
Sexual Orientation n/a
Force Sensitivity Above average
Personality Neutral Evil
Height (cm) 1,87
Weight (kg) ca. 70
Skin Colour Verdigris (#43B3AE) (former)
Alice Blue (#F0F8FF) (current)
Eye Colour Marian Blue (#E1EBEE) (former)
Amber (#FFBF00) (current)
Scars n/a
Body Modifications Black patterns (head, arms, back; formerly white)
Cybernetics (lower jaw, spine, neck, limbs)
Voice F0 = 185 Hz with fry
Physique Gaunt, statuesque
Laterality Left-handed
Parents Aola’freykaa (mother)
Alask’freykaa (father)
Siblings Pol’freykaa
3 sisters
Spouse n/a
Children Xiann Cthen
Ayy Amersu
Rah’cann (foster)
Contacts Lord Vayyn
Lord Kathan
Mehalla Mer-helle
Homeworld Ryloth
Current Residence Yavin 4
Education Jedi Order (knighted 27 BTC)
– Styles: Soresu, Shien
– Philosophy, diplomacy
Occupation Freelance assassin
Affiliation n/a
Spoken Languages Basic
High Galactic
Comprehension only:
Binary, Mando’a, Kaminoan
Ship Name Requiem
Outfits TBD
Apartment TBD
"Theme" : Moving Mountains - Two Steps From Hell


48 BTC
 Birth (Ryloth; birth defect: bilateral optic nerve hypoplasia) 
45 BTC
 Journey to the Jedi Temple on Tython
 Beginning of training
35 BTC
 Becoming Padawan to Master Mehalla Mer-helle
26 BTC
 Achievement of Knighthood
 Flight from the Order
25 BTC
 Temporary settlement on Dromund Kaas
 Accumulation of credits
21 BTC
 Transfer to Yavin 4
 Beginning of hide-out building
19 BTC
 Start of research 
16 BTC
 Birth of Xiann
14 BTC
 Birth of Ayy
12 BTC
 Adoption of Rah'cann
 Birth of Shakka
 Birth of Sinya
17 ATC
 Death of Sinya
18 ATC
 Death of Shakka

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