Things I should have posted on time but didn’t

AKA why I generally don’t write about ‘news’.

What better way to wrap up 2016 than to catch up on things I should’ve posted weeks ago? (This post is two days late for emphasis. Honest.)


When this hashtag was ‘in’ I couldn’t think of any for myself, but now I can, so here you go.


Another thing I missed due to laziness was the Patronus hype. Mine is an eagle. How very Austrian.

Never will I forget the affront to my very nature that is sorting me into Gryffindor (!) of all houses. I hope you roast forever in hat hell for this, you dirty piece of ancient felt.

Fantastic Beasts

Sticking to the Harry Potter theme for a second, I need to tell you how much I loved Fantastic Beasts. It was everything a fantasy loving biologist like myself could have hoped for; I’m sad that the beasts themselves weren’t given more attention, but I understand that this movie couldn’t be centered around an audience such as myself.

Lots of my excitement also stems from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – you know, the original little book – being one of my absolute favourites back when I was a nine year old budding nerd. Even then I vastly preferred the ‘secondary literature’ to the actual stories.

You would think that an institute full of natural scientists would embrace fiction and the associated geekdom a bit more, but you would be wrong (at least when it comes to my own environment). One colleague flat-out told me how much he loathes everything fantasy, because “it’s stupid as fuck”. Because it isn’t about the ‘real world’, so it must be a waste of time.

My perspective is a bit different: The ability to mentally manipulate and re-associate bits of information so freely and creatively like we do is the greatest gift evolution could have given us. It allows us to learn, invent and build like only humans do. Isn’t that spectacular? That’s why I love fiction and art in general: it’s a (maybe the) testament to our cognitive abilities.

Breaking the laws of nature for a little while when you’re done testing their limits for the day is also supremely refreshing. In return, biological knowledge can help you better yourself in any painterly endeavors. Sigh. I could talk about this for hours.

5-year anniversary

Since I left all of my data behind in Vienna when I went home for winter break I had nothing to post for SWTOR’s anniversary.

The oldest screenshot I found is from December 15th, 2011. (I wasn’t a screenshot fanatic yet, imagine that!) I apologize that it features a filthy human of all things. Twi’leks weren’t allowed to be agents yet, but I wanted to play a sniper so badly – also known as the class I later revealed myself to majorly suck at. So bad, in fact, that once I got five sympathy MVPs in one Huttball. It haunts me to this day.

Remember when video games came in boxes?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

For the same reason I couldn’t post the screenshot I also couldn’t post this Twi’lek wearing a santa hat. It’s been a WIP for more years than I’m willing to admit. But it will be ready for this year’s Christmas. Really.

Happy 2017, my friends! Let’s make it a good one.


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