New Year’s Resolutions, revisited

Let’s take a quick look at the ones from last year, shall we?

  • Draw a lot. Ideal would be every day of the year, but it’s okay if it’s less. Maybe enrol in one of the art courses that take place in my institute (scientific art ftw).

I didn’t draw as much as I would have wanted to, mainly because many of my courses have been extremely stressful last year, but I’ve made invaluable progress in my quest to not get panicky as soon as I think about a pencil (sadly, this is not an exaggeration). I also wrapped up the illustration course I was talking about with an A. (Result can be seen here.) I’d say that’s a ☑.

  • Exercise. The frequent diseases made me frail, which takes its toll on my mental capacities too. Sound mind in a sound body, as we all now.

I did exercise a lot more and I feel better now, weight is stable and all, no frequent infections and such, so that’s a ☑ as well.

  • Get inked and pierced. This is so overdue and now that my infections are gone all I need to do is find a good studio.

No luck this year. Too many other things that demanded attention. But the time will come, sooner or later. ❎

  • Slow down even more. Don’t stress over things that don’t deserve it. Focus more on the present; don’t let my mind drift away constantly. Reading, writing, drawing – all that should become much easier that way.

Another ☑ I’m very proud of.

I even tried WoW and worked on that secret project I mentioned, so overall I’m satisfied with the outcome.

For 2017, I’ll keep it short and simple:

  • Get a Master’s degree
  • Enjoy life at the research station
  • Practice humanoid anatomy and colouring
  • Git gud at ESO
  • Play Overwatch like nobody’s watching
  • Get fucking inked and pierced already it’s TIME
  • Start publishing what has been maturing in my moleskins for ages

Let’s do this.


Published by

sally e. goldfinch

Level 24 biologist. Has a weakness for non-humans, beer and voices lower than a 100 Hertz.

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