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Alt | EU
Name Eluvenel
Class Warden (Mag)
Race Bosmer
Sex Male
Alliance Aldmeri Dominion
Crafts n/a
Preferred …
Weapons Bow
Restoration Staff
Mount Senche (“Khilana”)
Pet Sylvan Nixad (“Lasbelin”)


“I treasure the gift that is being alive, and I like to help others maintain their’s too.”

“Life would be so easy if we could point at things and say: this is good and this is bad, end of story. Unfortunately, people aren’t quite that simple, are they?”

Read about how I treat canon story arcs here.

Child-like. Stubborn. Idealistic. Naive. Daring. Credulos. Reliable. Loyal. Optimistic. Easy-going. Disorganized. Insecure. Good-natured. Simple. Outgoing. Kind-hearted. Traditional. Courageous. Dissonant.

Born into a small, very isolated community of worshippers of Hircine in Greenshade. Unable to reasonably unite the beliefs of his isolationist family, the Green, his own passions and the viewpoints of newly arriving outsiders. Approving of Ayrenn's political stance (against his family's will), contemplating joining the war effort. Loves hearing stories from people outside of his social environment.

Loves animals, frequently takes them in if they're injured or orphaned. Saved Arodel after she was attacked and nearly killed by his Houndsmen friends. 

Currently living with her in Malabal Tor.
Birth Name Eluvenel
Meaning elu = pale blue (sind.); menel = sky (sind.)
Species Mer (Bosmer)
Gender Male (cis)
Birthday 16th day of Frost Fall, 2E 567
Birthsign The Tower
Sexual Orientation n/a
Personality Neutral Good
Height (cm) 1,54
Weight (kg) ca. 55
Skin Colour Fair
Eye Colour Murky green
Hair Colour Crimson
Distinguishing Features Septum & lip piercings
Claw marks all over body
Physique Slender
Voice F0 = 110 Hz, clear
Laterality Right-handed
Parents Erynwe (mother)
Draugon (father)
Siblings n/a
Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Birthplace Near Bramblebreach, Greenshade
Current Residence Silvenar, Malabal Tor
Education Basic reading and writing
Restoration magic
Crafting weapons and furnishings
Occupation n/a
Affiliations The Houndsmen
Worship Hircine
Outfits TBD
Home TBD
"Theme" : Inuyasha OST - Rin & Sesshomaru (acoustic)

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sally e. goldfinch

Level 24 biologist. Has a weakness for non-humans, beer and voices lower than a 100 Hertz.

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