Frory brilliance

Watching the gleaming meteors treck slowly over Ilum’s night sky will never get old. Ever.

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Between Tides III: Arodel’s Dream

Two windows shut while otherwhere
The sleeper’s door flung o p e n

The room, it grovelled in despair
Its midst appeared quite broken

The flames, they asked her for a dance
And clutched her hair at any chance

While feasting on her chattels dear
No mercy ever showing here

Down was up and
u ʍ o p s ɐ ʍ d n

That’s how she came to know it

Not even nescience’s writ
Knew anything to slow it

Your senses are as dull as your claws, little one.

The sleeper twisted her neck and three eyes that were one gaped at the intruder. They sat enthroned on a tower of mirrors, idly caressing the antlers adorning their un-head as they spoke.

Drink me. Drink it all up. Every fiber must be bathed in my blessing.

The sleeper obeyed against her will. Her skull cracked wide open, and out poured a vast army of wishes and dreams, gracefully perishing in the midnight breeze.

Happiness is loneliness
Happiness is loneliness

Loneliness is happiness

iness i

s happiness


is lo





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