THE Nimitz. For Nimitz. Was a lot of fun. Had to keep the notice me senpai smiley face in it, lol.

PSCS5 + Wacom Intuos 3


Another one for #MirialanMonday. From… 2013, or something? Made it for @Mafirva, whom I know since the good ol’ LOTRO days; Lumessen’s her lovely sage. Wish I had spent much more time on the colours. Or maybe I should say ‘less’, because it looks more like I overdid it. Oh well. Gotta learn from your mistakes. crawls back to her pencil sketches

PSCS5 + Wacom Intuos 3


Some random Mirialan doodle from 2013. The downside of playing exclusively Twi’leks is that you don’t get to draw a lot of hair, but hair is fun. A lot of fun.

People have been ‘accusing’ me of drawing ‘soft porn’ in the past, when the sad truth is that my brain just shuts down whenever I should be drawing clothes. It’s like “Wha, you for real? Nah, we’re not doing that. Don’t know how. Don’t know why.” That’s what you get for drawing almost exclusively animals for years and years and years.

PSCS5 + Wacom Intuos 3


I originally made this to serve as a header image, but the longer I looked at it the more I felt like it isn’t suited for that job. I think I need something with more symbolic value, something that fits the blog title better.

I still like it a ton though, so it deserves its own art post.

Brawny Ayy is brawny. How else would she carry her durasteel armor with grace?

PSCS5 + Wacom Intuos 3

Coloured bonus WIPs (that I’ll never finish). Still heavily struggling with that whole colour thing, which is even worse when using digital media as opposed to traditional, but it’s getting a teensy bit better.

blurb header