Teenage girl


Practice, practice, practice. One-“size”-fits-all faces are a no-no.

Pencil & paper



High Chieftain Zenakh


Remember when MMOs still had server communities?

In February 2011 a popular monster player and raid leader on DE-RP Belegaer (LOTRO) passed away. He was a (rather) young teacher. I only knew him from the “other side” of the Moors, having played my Hunter Ethuiliel almost exclusively there. I vividly remember the thrill whenever I saw a raid of his on the horizon. The PvMP community felt this loss keenly.

So much in fact that 600 players (forcing many more out of the zone because the Ettenmoors hit its cap) held a wake in his honour, while the game masters placed a copy of his character atop a rock surrounded by ghostly guards. They even broadcast the message “Thank you High Chieftain, we will never forget you” across the whole server. “Touching” wouldn’t even begin to describe it.

From then on the rock was known as “Zenakh’s rock”, and it was neutral ground.
Some weeks later I positioned my Minstrel in front of it at 3 am in the morning and simply let her play the harp, and minutes later she was surrounded by a peaceful gathering of monster players. Never in my life will I forget any of it. Pity I lost the screenshots.

(Screenshots taken from this thread.)

Since I wasn’t able to zone into the Moors anymore I instead took the time to sketch his Defiler. At the time this was the best I could do, but I wasn’t satisfied with it, so I went back and recreated it in 2014. I tried to merge the original Defiler concept with the skin he used ingame. For the posture I actually took pictures of myself in front of a mirror. Funniest selfies I’ve ever taken. Anyways, I’m resolved to colour this piece one day so I can finally do this magnificent player (and character) justice.

Oh, how I miss this server. It’s downright painful.

Pencil & paper


Apis mellifera carnica

Did you know ‘mellifera’ is Latin for ‘bringer of sweetness’?
I made this for the cover of my Bachelor’s thesis, which – you guessed it – was about bees.

Thanks Ajay for unintentionally reminding me of this!

I definitely want to do something similar for my Master’s thesis. Can’t wait.

Watercolours, ink pens & watercolour paper