Old name, new face

I’m kinda excited to be playing a character I haven’t played in a long, long time: Glanwen, my original Grey Warden re-imagined as Glowy-Hand McDalish. Hair’s a little shorter, tongue’s a little looser, but she’s still sportingĀ a thatch like snow and mad archery skills.

I’m not as crazy about the DA universe as I am about my usual favourites, but my interest is piqued yet again and I’ll be happy to dedicate some of my spare time to closing these pesky rifts.


4/8: Level 70

Finally got all of my Imps to the new max level, all the while blissfully ignoring Galactic Command. I don’t see what it could possibly offer me as an incentive to sink a substantial amount of time into it. No thank you, I’ll enjoy my filthy casual life.

swtor-2016-12-31-01-17-18-27 swtor-2016-12-23-03-49-21-67 swtor-2016-12-08-23-20-55-97

No screenshot for Assassin Serene, Fraps crapped out on me. </3